A serial killer is sweeping through the supernatural world, a virus that turns its victims into bloodthirsty monsters until they perish. One woman has the knowledge and power to find a cure… but at what price to herself? Dr. Nicole Bennett has been secretly researching the virus unbeknownst to the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, a government organization that would like nothing more than to sweep it under the rug. Nicole knows if they discover her work and her secrets, she’d spend the rest of her life in a Bureau cell… or worse.

A man on a mission to save his people from death, the virus was brought to Gavin Blackwood’s pack. He refuses to sit by without trying to save those who depend on him. Finding the doctor was easy. The hard part was convincing her to give up the life she knew to help him with his quest.

Together, they’re in a race against time, fighting not only science, but magic and the Bureau. They will have to fight the obstacles, using every option they have, possibly even the one thing Nicole fears the most. Can they do it? Will they be able to find the cure before the virus kills again?

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